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Celtic Knot Series


Love is eternal, crossing time spans.


Four different lives in different times, different places, yet fate brings them together every time. Three standalone novels connected by one artefact.

Along the Far Shores

12 Century Ireland, Wales and America

Aisling, a failed seer, stows away on the ship belonging to the Welsh prince, Madog. Off the American Gulf Coast she falls overboard and washes ashore where Caxna, a Tlingit trader and former shaman finds her. He reluctantly agrees to let her join him on his trading journey in the hopes she will find her people. Their travels take them to the Mayan city of Xicallanca and then to Etowah (modern Georgia). For Caxna the journey is a means to eventually free his clan. But Aisling changes everything.


Selkie Dreams

Belfast, 1895.

Haunted by her mother’s death, Máire McNair is lured by the selkie myth to the promise of the Alaskan wilds to fulfil her dream of finding acceptance when she takes a post teaching at the Tlingit Indian mission. But Alaska proves more complex and difficult than she imagined, and the hope that this new place would transform her is elusive as ever. Máire finds herself increasingly at odds with the wife of the trading post manager and Natsilane, the Tlingit erstwhile mission protégé, also proves antagonistic towards her naïve views and prejudices. But despite their combative encounters there is something that draws them together, beyond the myth. But can a myth overcome a world that permits no rule breakers?


Raven Brought the Light

To escape recent betrayal and loss, Irish archaeology student, Bríd Ní Laoghaire seizes the chance to be a last minute replacement on a dig in a remote Chinese desert and discovers a dangerous secret that links her to an ancient past. An Alaskan Tlingit Indian, John Sheldon, leads the team, and their incredible discoveries arouse hostility in the Chinese officials sent to observe the dig. It also leads Bríd to the impossible suspicion that she is somehow connected to a people who lived 3500 years ago the danger attached threaten John and Bríd’s lives.

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