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Music is a big part of my life and many of my books have musical connections. Some have a ballad as a theme, others have characters who are musicians or play an instrument. When I write, music is either playing in my head or beside me and so it informs my writing in that manner as well. It has always been my hope to share the music with my readers so that it's possible for them to hear the music as they read, or just on its own. Below you will find the links to download the music, arranged under the title of the book it's connected with.

I will continue to add to this library so be sure and check back regularly for new recordings!


Song of the Water Kelpie is a Welsh piece and Song of the Seal is a Scottish air.


Background Information:

"Farewell to Glenshalloch" is an air from R.A. Smith's "The Scottish Minstrel". Glenshalloch is in Wester Ross

"Cro Cinn t-Saile" is an exile song with the bard wanting to return to his home in Kintail.

Lament for Owen Roe is an Irish air played in Scotland. 

"Sae Merrie As We Have Bein"  is a lute tune is from the Straloch manuscript

A pavane is a stately dance commonly performed in the Tudor period. Abby dances them in the series. This piece dates to 1550 and would have been one heard and danced in France and Scotland.  



more to come...

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