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Urban Fantasy

Rise of the Celtic Gods Series

Awakening the Gods New Cover MEDIUM WEB.jpg
In Search of the Hero God Cover MEDIUM WEB.jpg
The Edge of the Otherworld Cover MEDIUM WEB.jpg


A tale of magic, myth and Irish music.


Fate takes Saoirse out of Dublin to rural West Cork and a mysterious grandmother who opens up her world to her impossible heritage connected to the Irish Gods. There she meets brooding Smithy, tempestuous Maura and humorous Finn, as well as the surfer Luke, all who prove to be extraordinarily talented and not just in Irish music.  


They are a motley crew facing the biggest challenge—to collect the ancient treasures of Ireland and lure Balor back to the Otherworld where the final battle will take place. To succeed they must all come to know and understand who they truly are. To fail would mean not only their deaths, but the death of Ireland.


A music-filled urban fantasy with a Celtic twist that will delight fans of Charles de Lint.

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