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Women of Ireland 

Medieval Historical Fiction 


The Song of the Bees Cover SMALL WEB.jpg

From a USA Today bestselling author comes a series about Irish women making choices against the limitations of history. Amid a sweeping and rich background these women of Ireland reveal the unique challenges of their time and how a woman with little choices can make her own path.

In Praise of the Bees

A woman in 6th century Ireland left for dead with no memory is taken to Mother Gobnait’s community of women in the heart of the southwest of Ireland. As her memory slowly returns, so does the danger that threated her life, unless she can discover the truth.


Song of the Bees

A woman in 14th century Ireland leaves her nunnery to tend her ill father, escorted by a man she doesn’t dare trust. Around her, the upheaval of war, famine and now plague have changed the very nature of society’s fragile structure for both native Irish and Anglo-Irish and she must navigate a path through the chaos to secure her own future at a time when women have few choices.

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