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The Renaissance Sojourner Series



Imp of Eye

London, 1440
A youth with big dreams and an ambitious duchess become entangled in treachery.

Barnabas, an orphan bound to the Witch of Eye, finds himself entangled in the affairs of the vain and ambitious Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester who is desperate to conceive a child. But the Duchess’s enemies are determined to use her actions to bring about her husband's downfall with Barnabas as a hapless victim. Barnabas must do his best to steer a safe path through the dangerous web of intrigue and suspicion that surrounds him, or face the threat of the witch’s pyre. But with Eleanor’s ambition, her follies may prove her undoing and Barnabas could become just another victim of her actions.
A richly drawn historical adventure filled with intrigue and suspense worthy of fans of Dorothy Dunnett and Phillippa Gregory.
A B.R.A.G. Medallion Winner


Sea of Travail

Europe 1445

Even after four years Barnabas, now living in Paris, dare not risk the promised return to England for his childhood sweetheart, Alys. When his mentor, Mustapha al Qali, takes Barnabas, under the guise of Giacomo, across Christendom in search of a mysterious manuscript, Barnabas grows more resentful of al Qali's tight control. Secretly he tries to create his own enterprise that will eventually free him. But al Qali has other plans that take them both into danger.


Alys, meanwhile, finds herself dismissed from service with the disgraced Duchess of Gloucester and has nowhere to go. Her only hope is to find Barnabas, but her journey leads her into perils that change her circumstances irrevocably in ways she could never have imagined. If she finds Barnabas will he recognise who she has become, and will he still want her?


Quest of Hope

Venice/Africa 1446

Only revenge can make Barnabas whole again. Dependent on opium and driven by anger over his former mentor’s appalling treachery, Barnabas leaves his beloved Alys in Venice and sets out for Africa on a quest to find the lost Kingdom of Prester John and ultimately, the man who deceived him. When the expedition takes a deadly twist and loyalties are questioned, he realizes that Alys is the only one who can help him. Angry and devastated over Barnabas’s recent

betrayal, Alys finds comfort in her painting but as the few securities of her confined life crumble around her she faces a desperate choice. Saving Barnabas becomes the greatest test of her life.


Pursuit of the Unicorn

Venice 1447

Barnabas and Alys have returned to Venice from Africa to find that Alessandra, the former courtesan, has vanished with their young daughter. Thwarted in his efforts to scry and unearth information, Barnabas pursues what Alys feels is a fool’s path to retrieve their daughter. They each go their separate ways and cross continents and emotional distances, each struggling to keep their hope and soul intact.

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