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Highland Ballad Series

Historical Romance

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Books 1-3 ebook


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Books 1-3: Abby's story

Scotland 1550s
A lute player’s disguise seems the best way Abby Gordon can avoid her enemies, until the castle’s mysterious hostage, Iain MacGregor, proves that danger can come in many forms and so can love. When Abby first arrived at the castle she thought it was a safe haven from the treacherous French court, but she becomes increasingly aware that it is the centre of turbulent Scottish politics. But is Iain really a hostage to fortune or is he playing his own dangerous game? As her feelings for Iain grow and the web of danger entangles her more Abby wonders if the biggest deceiver of all is her heart.

With spice, wit and action packed plotting, Kristin Gleeson’s Highland Ballad Series is as compelling as Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels.
'A highland ballad brought to life - plays sweetly on the heart-strings.' Jean Gill, The Troubadours Quartet

Highland Lioness

Scotland 1559

From a USA Today bestselling author comes a tale of love and intrigue.

Morag MacGregor hates the duplicitous and intrigue-filled Scots court, especially the outrageous and beguiling court favourite, Alexander Munro. She wants to return home to her secret betrothed, but not before she extracts revenge on the Campbells. Her desire for revenge traps her in a perilous scheme and entangles her with Alexander. Will treachery win out or will love? Set in the one of the most critical periods of Scottish history, when religion and politics divides the country and civil war threatens, the novel is an adventure and danger filled romance that reflects the tumultuous times.A stand-alone novel that forms part of the Highland Ballad series, but serves as a standalone novel.

An Independent Publishing Award Gold Medalist

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