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In Praise of the Bees

A USA Today Bestseller!

Ireland 590 A.D.

Brutally beaten, she's lost her memory and found a new life. If she recovers, will she lose more than she gains?

A woman is found by a track, nearly dead from appalling wounds and remembers nothing. Her terror and her injuries are so great that she is given sanctuary in Mother Gobnait's unusual community of nuns, while all around her a war is being waged in which she is a pawn. The women name her Aine.

Disturbing fragments of Áine’s memory begin to surface, and in desperation she asks to remain in the safety of the community, but is it really safe for her anywhere?

It is only after events take another terrible turn that Áine is forced to discover who she really is and make life-changing choices – but will they prove to be her undoing?

A literary novel inspired by real women - complex female characters who strain against the cruel chains and crippling prejudices of a society where no woman has power. Except, perhaps, one…

Praise for the book

‘a fascinating novel that gives a real sense of life as it might have been during one of the most turbulent periods in Irish history….There is evidence of meticulous research, and it is difficult not to be impressed by how the author manages to blend fiction with legend, keeping faithful to the stories surrounding St Gobnait, but building a narrative against these given details, one that spins off in its own intriguing directions. ..Miss Gleeson’s natural storytelling guile and clear functional prose keeps the focus intact… Ultimately this is a fascinating story, one that not only shines a light on an often overlooked period of Ireland’s past, but also meditates on such fundamental facts of life as identity, family loyalty, love, faith and justice.’ Irish Examiner

"I found in this well-told story, the first strokes of paint on the huge, mostly blank, canvas that is our image and perception of our Irish or Gaelic past - the canvas of our increasingly dispossessed native culture. I found myself drawn into a realm that felt oddly familiar and full of cultural touchstones of the indigenous Irish past, faint echoes of which still linger in parts of this island today."In Praise of the Bees" is a good read. Guím faoi scáth is dídean Gobnait is Abáin tú – go mairir—Peadar Ó Riada

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